LaCharles is committed to the classroom. As such, he approaches teaching from a critical communication pedagogy framework--one that is grounded in critical theory and pedagogy and positions critique and social change as necessary components of the classroom. The underpinning ethic here is that teaching can and should be transformative, dynamic, and challenging. Such a framework views students and instructors as co-producing knowledge through various layers of communication and always within a terrain of power and ideology. Ultimately, the classroom is not simply a place of learning (nor is the university), but a place where, through social interaction, identities are constructed and challenged, where power is fought over and laid bare, and where culture is all but fixed. 

His primary teaching interest include Black visual culture, Black feminist theories and practice, cultural studies and law, history and theories of photography, cultural studies (especially Black photography), and critical theories of blackness. 

He has taught several courses from introductory courses to advanced undergraduate seminars. 


For course syllabus or teaching philosophy, please request via email.