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Finding My Way Back

Yes, I know, it has been awhile since I've last posted. Completing a PhD took far more of my time and energy than I could have imagined. I made it.

Now that I am a few months removed from my PhD program, I have reflected on the numerous things that I enjoyed prior to starting my program. Some things I maintained with varying degrees of success, such as cycling, cooking, hosting social gatherings and long walks . Others, however, fell by the wayside or were never fully pursued, such as blogging, in the case of the former, and photography in the latter. During my program I developed a deep love for new things, such as: wine (and viniculture broadly) and whisky, vinyl records and obscure musical artists, architecture and design, conceptual photography and abstract art, and so many other interests that we might categorize as lifestyle focused.

In this blog, which I will do my best to separate from academic interests (but with no promises), I plan to share more about the above interests, but with a thematic focus on: art, photography, and architecture, travel,

music, food (not a recipe blog) and drinks, reviews of varying forms (i.e., of books, wine and spirits, films, TV shows, exhibitions, albums, etc.), and a few other things that my fall within that lifestyle category.

In terms of mechanics, some posts might just be various forms of visual media, especially Black visual culture, or photographs or videos that captured my attention. Other posts might be traditional written posts on a topic, theme, or object. Some posts will be extremely sparse while others more longer in form. While other posts might be re-posts of things that I find interesting. I will aim to post at least one thing each week (starting small tends to yield greater success).

I am looking forward to finding my way back to things I've always loved, things I've developed a passion for over the years, and sharing them!


Santorini, Greece, 2019. Personal photograph.

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